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Does Collectix work on Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 64 bits ?

Yes. You will need to change the compatibility through the icon of Collectix 3.

I have received the activation key by email but I cannot unlock the software. A mesage displaying "Incorrect key" appears.

You may have made a mistake while requesting the activation key. We advise you to renew your activation key request and to double check the most common mistakes, such as:

Do not send activation key requests by email; only use the online form available on this website.

I have changed my computer and the activation key I received before is no longer working.

Changing your computer will reuqire a new activation key as the private key of the first computer is different from the second one. Fill in the activation key request form on our website.

When i start the software, an error message occure saying my computer can not run a 16 bits application.

This issue was solved in the 3.07 update. Should your software version be older, simply download a newer version from this website.